This version of 5G-SDN testbed demo was possible by merging open-source projects:

Design Open-Source SDN-based 5G Standalone Testbed using Virt-Manager

Project Description

This project focuses on implementing Standalone (SA) mode in 5G Networks using SDN and NFV. We have utilized various open-source projects, including Open5Gs, UERANSIM, and OpenvSwitch (OVS), to build and deploy our testbed. We wil provide a comprehensive instructions to replicate our deployed testbed.

Getting started

This project consists of several steps based on building several projects to deploy a 5G-SDN testbed, which are the following:

  1. Setup SDN environment
  2. Deploy and Configure Open5Gs
  3. Deploy and Configure UERANSIM

When it comes to the the Open5GS installation, there are two available options: