Drs. Kemal Akkaya and Selcuk Uluagac
Email: kakkaya@fiu.edusuluagac@fiu.edu
Funding: QNRP

The goal of this project is to utilize Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) or drones to not only enforce the traffic rules and support the traffic police on the ground but also provide the road users with efficient information on traffic (also referred to as intelligent traffic management). ITS UAVs will be enabled by a Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) interface, for Vehicle to Vehicle (V2) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X) communications. In this project, we first lay out the architectural foundations for communication requirements of UAVs by comparing the performance of LTE and mesh solutions in terms of delay and packet delivery ratio. We then looked into connectivity maintenance by introducing a form of minimum connected dominating set (MCDS) problem and how to maintain this MCDS set to keep the network connectivity all the time. Finally, we will also consider security and privacy issues. For security, the main challenge is to enable authentication of the users that will control or communicate with the UAVs. For this, we propose using an existing OAuth 2.0 framework. This will be implemented in the devices. We will then consider the privacy of the users when UAVs record video for ITS purposes. To this end, we are considering using FHE for the encryption of video so that it will stay and processed as encrypted in the servers. However, video data is huge and FHE already comes with heavy overhead, so we are exploring the extraction of the background of the videos and only focusing on objects in the video to be transmitted.