Past Projects

1. Vehicular Forensics via Permissioned Blockchain

2. Lightweight Symmetric Key Management for Low-Bandwidth Legacy Environments in Smart Grid

3. Efficient Public-Key Management for Smart Meter Communications 

4. SDN and NFV-Based Moving Target Defense for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

5. Mitigating Attacks towards Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

6. Drone ITS: Drone-Aided Platform for Enabling Next Generation Secure and Intelligent Transport Systems 

7. Building a Private Bitcoin Payment Network using Off-Chain Links

8. Key Management Infrastructures for Smart Grid Applications

9. Self-organizing Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

10. Federating Disjoint Wireless Sensor Networks

11. Authentication and Trust for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Actor Networks

12. Reactive Surveillance Framework using Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

13. QoS and Security Aware Routing for Smart Grid

14. Personnel Tracking and Communication for Underground Mines

15. Efficient Management of Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks

16. Dependable Operation of Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks

17. Efficient Deployment for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks